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EnergyLink can reduce expenses in 2021!

by Christin D. on 11/25/2020 12:28:28 PM

 Q: What can The EnergyLink do for Buyers Access Customers?

We want to work with your customers to manage contracts and control
their energy expenses. At The EnergyLink, our goal is to provide a high-level, fully customized experience for every customer. Our energy management tactics and software solutions will save your customers money and improve their current processes.

Q: How does The EnergyLink save your customers money?

We analyze utility bills to find procurement opportunities, lower tariff rates, billing errors, sales tax exemptions and overcharges. We perform RFPs and negotiate the most competitive rates for customers. Then we monitor market trends and adjust our strategy accordingly to ensure we lock in during the lows with the most favorable contract terms.

Q: What if customers already have relationships with brokers?

Our proprietary software enables clients to avoid contract defaults by housing all contracts in one central location that tracks expiration dates, terms and conditions. In addition, our team can mitigate risk of rate increase because our software is designed specifically to highlight bottom line concerns that will improve the Net Operating Income of properties and increase their value.

Q: Can The EnergyLink guarantee the lowest rates?

The EnergyLink cannot guarantee the lowest rates. What we can guarantee is more than 100 years of combined experience in the energy business with a dedication to providing tangible value. Our proprietary software solutions will save time and money. Each RFP comes with detailed Scorecard cost comparison and the information customers need to make informed decisions. While our priority is working with suppliers to ensure the most favorable rates, the value is in our long-term partnership with you and your customers.

Q: Does The EnergyLink have a fee?

Our procurement fee is included in the rates we negotiate for the customer. The supplier collects the fee and distributes it to us once the invoices are paid. Our other fees are either paid through savings or Software subscription based. These fees vary according to the services selected by the customer.

Q: What sets The EnergyLink apart?

Our Energy Procurement Experts help multi-family properties and commercial businesses in deregulated electric and gas markets save money by cutting energy costs. We take pride in providing clients with innovative contract management software solutions that allow them to manage multiple properties, vendors and expenses with the features necessary to optimize results. We analyze customer business processes thoroughly in order to uncover ancillary income opportunities and provide contract management software to keep them organized and ready for renewals and negotiations. Our goal is overall customer success for the long term.

Q: How has The EnergyLink saved other companies money?

This was a Multifamily Property meter located in Ohio. We were able to leverage this customer’s usage and obtain customized pricing that is much better than the Utility. This resulted in an over 15% savings on their supply costs. We were able to lock in a low fixed rate, which will provide $13,884 in annual cost savings versuswhat they paid on the utility adjustable rate.

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