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"Stay Home for the Homeless" October 23rd Virtual event supporting Shelters to Shutters

by Christin D. on 10/22/2020 5:45:06 PM

“Stay at Home for the Homeless”, and join the mission behind Shelters to Shutters
Virtual fundraiser taking place October 23rd to benefit the homeless
Shelters to Shutters, a non-profit that operates in 12 cities in the United States, pairs motivated, ready to work individuals with open, entry level positions in the apartment industry. Every person hired saves local communities more than $36,000/year in social service expenses, contributes more than $7,000 in taxes and changes the trajectory of not only themselves, but for their spouse and dependents.
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A “Win-win” for candidates & sites with vacant positions
S2S has the goal to stop homelessness, particularly “situational homelessness”. They do it by educating, training, and helping place qualified candidates that may not have a permanent address or “home” to list on an application. Shelters to Shutters has teamed up with vendors, management companies and owners/operators, providing a connection to propel change when it comes to “situational homelessness”. The program has successfully transformed the lives of numerous individuals in need of employment and shelter nationwide. So how does it work?
The makeup of a Shelters to Shutters “Success Story”
Qualified candidates without a job or an address to put on an application are given the opportunity to fill a position with an on-site team in the multifamily industry
Candidates receive ongoing training and development and play an important part on their new team, with a new promising career in the apartment industry.
In addition to receiving a job, housing discounts are provided.
The candidate and hiring company both benefit andtransform hopeless situations into promising futures.


Why now?

Since 2007, the individuals and families experiencing homelessness has decreased by 12%, but those gains are expected to be completely wiped out by the pandemic, equating to more than 360,000 men, women and children living without the most basic of necessities, shelter.  In addition, with staggering unemployment and eviction moratoriums running out, Shelters to Shutters is facing a tsunami of people looking for a hand up, NOT a handout. Simply put, they need additional staff to accommodate the growing population who need both housing and employment.

Shelters to Shutters has a 93% success rate, and every dollar committed to the organization has the potential to provide a return of 6.76X.On  you can find many stories of hope and success, and if you are ready to be inspired, think about what we can do with your support.   The reason it’s crucial to support Shelters to Shutters in theirmission to end homelessness is their proven success, and the ongoing need in the industry for top talent.  We can all make an impact!

The event!

Shelters to Shutters “Stay Home for the Homeless” event is promoting social distancing by going virtual this year, and the event site is packed with quality and fun items. It’s easy to register and free for all to attend with a simple RSVP. Share the event with peers, family members, and anyone you cross paths with, because significant support is needed for Shelters to Shutters to make an impact on homelessness.

Shelters to Shutters “Stay Home for the Homeless” event will feature testimonies from some of the people positively impacted by Shelters to Shutters and their partners, and if you can’t please view more stories at





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