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Buyers Access Explains Your Total Cost of Ownership of Carpet

by Michelle N. on 3/14/2013 1:10:06 PM

When buying carpet for your property, it is important that you not only look at the initial expense but also the total cost of ownership (TCO). There are many factors involved in the cost of ownership that aren’t upfront.  For example, carpet can appear to be less expensive at first. However, on-going maintenance of the carpet can end up costing more money in the long run. It is important to work with a multifamily purchasing expert that can help walk you through what TCO really means. This will greatly affect how you purchase carpet for your property today and in the future. 

So let’s talk a little bit about the less visible costs of carpet ownership.

Carpet material: Some shelf pricing on carpet may or may not include the materials it takes to manufacture the carpet. However, selecting premium grade carpets factors the costs associated with manufacturing and for this reason material costs do not need to be considered separately.

Carpet form-factor: The way the carpet is cut will determine whether or not you are wasting material or not. Broadloom carpets come in rolls and need to be tailored cut which often leads to wasting good carpet material. On the other hand, carpet tiles come in pre-cut dimensions which leads to less carpet material waste during the installation process.

Fiber shape:

Although this may look like microscopic organisms, this graphic illustrates just how different carpet fibers can really be. It would benefit you to understand the differences of carpet fibers before you make a carpet investment. Another factor in the fiber would be the pile height. This is the measure of the carpet fiber above the backing. Take another look at the graphic and you will see the height differences between each. The greater the pile height, the more material used to make the carpet.  This can result in more frequent cleaning of the carpet as it absorbs more dirt.

Carpet life: Maintenance and usage of a carpet that gets heavier foot traffic will wear out quicker. Therefore, the life cycle is shorter and will cost more to maintain over time.  It is important to estimate the useful life of the carpet in order to calculate the annualized costs.

Carpet customization:
Keep in mind that asking for special cutting and or dying of carpet can be an extra fee and would be reflected in the final price.

Adhesives: A good question to ask your knowledgeable multifamily purchasing expert is what sort of adhesive is required for the carpet you just purchased. Some carpet requires the use of adhesive to affix them to the floor while other carpet can use tactile pads which are placed on the four corners of the tile. There are pros and cons to both, so having a purchasing expert to help you determine what to use and how to use it will add value to your purchase and ultimately decrease the TCO.

Stain protection: Some carpets have stain protection features such as Scotch Guard that affects the maintenance costs.

Recycling and disposing:  Some carpet vendors may have specific recycling requirements or take-back programs that will affect TCO. Some recycle only their own brand of carpet while others recycle based on the carpet material. What if the carpet you currently have at your property or want to purchase for your property does not meet the requirements for recycling? Do you repurpose the carpet, burn it to produce energy, or do you dump it in landfill? While disposing and replacing carpet are typically one-time costs, they can be substantial and affect TCO. 

Who knew that carpet purchasing could be so challenging? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you are a member of Buyers Access. We make sure that members invest in products that have life-cycle costs conducive to their budget. We help you focus on value of the product not just the initial upfront costs. If you are in the market to purchase carpet for your property do not hesitate to call the multifamily purchasing experts today to get a free consultation. Let us help you take those sometimes difficult or time-consuming purchasing tasks off your plate. 

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