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Fire Prevention Tips to Ensure Safe Grilling This Summer

by Michelle N. on 7/7/2015 5:20:04 PM

Digested from “Resident and Staff Education on Having a Safe Grilling Season”
Property Management Insiders (6/30/15) Blackwell, Tim

Grills offer the opportunity for cooking up great summer fare, but they can also be a major fire hazard at apartment communities. Whether residents are using personal or communal grills, apartment community owners and managers should consider hosting a grilling workshop or cookout to ensure that residents are educated on property safety procedures so they can keep themselves and others safe while cooking outdoors.

Apartment community staff members should perform regular maintenance checks of community grilling equipment. This includes examining connection points and tubes for potential gas leaks on propane grills and making sure the tank and burners are turned off. If employees or residents smell gas when approaching a grill, they should know to steer clear and call the fire department.

Also, grills should be placed far enough away from the buildings to prevent property damage, with a fire extinguisher and spray bottle nearby in case of emergencies.

Residents can also prevent fires and burn injuries by allowing charcoal to cool before disposing of it.

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