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First Aid Safety Gives Peace of Mind to Residents and Staff

by Michelle N. on 8/6/2014 10:47:02 AM

Earlier this week, -we shared an article- that reviewed the importance of fostering a safe community for residents. While property safety and security is an absolute priority, we must not forget that first aid products, such as AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators), in residential properties are equally important and can foster safety with residents and property staff, too. With an alarming rate of 88% of cardiac arrests happening at home, apartment complex employees and residents can tremendously increase the ability to save lives with an AED on site. Because every second counts when cardiac arrest events occur, why not be fully prepared for in-house emergencies?

Modern defibrillators administer an electric shock to restore heart rhythm and the new models on the market provide video guidance for responders. For example, the Cintas ReviveR™ AED is designed with no lids, moving parts or cases – just two buttons with pre-connected pads. Additionally, when in use, visual indicators prompt the user from start to finish. Talk about user friendly!

As a Buyers Access member, you have access to an AED program and First Aid Service through Cintas in order to ensure that your property is ready for any medical emergency. So, if you are interested in first aid safety, saving valuable time as well as adding a peace of mind to your residents and staff, contact Buyers Access today


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