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Get Floored with Multifamily Group Purchasing Experts

by Michelle N. on 3/14/2013 10:43:48 AM

If you own rental property or apartments, cost effective flooring is a necessity. With tenants moving in and out of units frequently, it tends to put a lot of wear and tear on the floors. Because of this, landlords or owners must change flooring to not only replace dingy old flooring but to remain updated and fresh to prospective tenants. So how do you choose what flooring is going to be the best for your property? With so many choices out there how does one even start to consider the right product, compare product, find the right price, and remain consistent throughout the property portfolio? Could the answer to all of these variables really be right at our fingertips? Well, yes. What would you think if you could reduce expenses, ensure product consistency, and streamline purchasing for all floorcovering needs across your portfolio of properties? You may be in a position where you can’t afford not to look into standardizing your flooring program. Buyers Access offers up a Smart Advantage Purchasing Program that can help you find the best method to reduce costs and develop a consistent floorcovering program. You will be floored when you look at the cost savings, the time savings, and the return on investment. The Buyers Access Account Management and Member Services teams can assist you in identifying obstacles and recommend solutions that bring uniformity, and cost reduction, to a new floorcovering program.

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