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Save Money and Increase NOI with a Customized Purchasing Strategy

by Michelle N. on 7/9/2014 8:24:29 AM

More and more owners are interested in how to save more money on the various products they purchase. With the right purchasing partner, you can take advantage of member pricing and leverage top quality products from national suppliers as well as track and measure product purchasing across your entire portfolio.

How Do I Find the Right Purchasing Partner?

Learning the proper way to select a multifamily group purchasing partner for your property can be the key to your success. One important area of focus is having the understanding of the big picture reasons for selecting a purchasing partner. Often times important pieces are forgotten or missed all together which can lead you to get on board with the wrong partner. It is imperative for all owners or the go-to decision makers to provide a list of their needs and wants as well as share how they go about the property’s daily purchasing habits.

There are many additional key elements that should be considered when choosing a purchasing partner for your property or portfolio. For example, Buyers Access has expert Account Managers available to walk you through a detailed needs analysis to help determine your purchasing goals and map out the best purchasing strategy for your portfolio’s unique needs. In addition, the Buyers Access dedicated Member Services team can assist in product searches, bulk purchases, special requests, price checks, management reports, bid solicitation, bid contractor sourcing and training.

Lastly, the Client Success team diligently works to support all departments at Buyers Access, from business analytics to corporate offi­ce management. All three teams work hard to bring you smart multifamily purchasing services.

For more information on how the Buyers Access Smart Advantage Purchasing Program can save you money and increase NOI, please contact our Sales Team today!