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EnergyLink can reduce expenses in 2021!

by Christin D. on 11/25/2020 12:28:28 PM

 Q: What can The EnergyLink do for Buyers Access Customers?

We want to work with your customers to manage contracts and control
their energy expenses. At The EnergyLink, our goal is to provide a high-level, fully customized experience for every customer. Our energy management tactics and software solutions will save your customers money and improve their current processes.

Q: How does The EnergyLink save your customers money?

We analyze utility bills to find procurement opportunities, lower tariff rates, billing errors, sales tax exemptions and overcharges. We perform RFPs and negotiate the most competitive rates for customers. Then we monitor market trends and adjust our strategy accordingly to ensure we lock in during the lows with the most favorable contract terms.

Q: What if customers already have relationships with brokers?

Our proprietary software enables clients to avoid contract defaults by housing all contracts in one central location that tracks expiration dates, terms and conditions. In addition, our team can mitigate risk of rate increase because our software is designed specifically to highlight bottom line concerns that will improve the Net Operating Income of properties and increase their value.

Q: Can The EnergyLink guarantee the lowest rates?

The EnergyLink cannot guarantee the lowest rates. What we can guarantee is more than 100 years of combined experience in the energy business with a dedication to providing tangible value. Our proprietary software solutions will save time and money. Each RFP comes with detailed Scorecard cost comparison and the information customers need to make informed decisions. While our priority is working with suppliers to ensure the most favorable rates, the value is in our long-term partnership with you and your customers.

Q: Does The EnergyLink have a fee?

Our procurement fee is included in the rates we negotiate for the customer. The supplier collects the fee and distributes it to us once the invoices are paid. Our other fees are either paid through savings or Software subscription based. These fees vary according to the services selected by the customer.

Q: What sets The EnergyLink apart?

Our Energy Procurement Experts help multi-family properties and commercial businesses in deregulated electric and gas markets save money by cutting energy costs. We take pride in providing clients with innovative contract management software solutions that allow them to manage multiple properties, vendors and expenses with the features necessary to optimize results. We analyze customer business processes thoroughly in order to uncover ancillary income opportunities and provide contract management software to keep them organized and ready for renewals and negotiations. Our goal is overall customer success for the long term.

Q: How has The EnergyLink saved other companies money?

This was a Multifamily Property meter located in Ohio. We were able to leverage this customer’s usage and obtain customized pricing that is much better than the Utility. This resulted in an over 15% savings on their supply costs. We were able to lock in a low fixed rate, which will provide $13,884 in annual cost savings versuswhat they paid on the utility adjustable rate.

Want to learn more about how you can save with EnergyLink? Contact or



Company News

"Stay Home for the Homeless" October 23rd Virtual event supporting Shelters to Shutters

by Christin D. on 10/22/2020 5:45:06 PM

“Stay at Home for the Homeless”, and join the mission behind Shelters to Shutters
Virtual fundraiser taking place October 23rd to benefit the homeless
Shelters to Shutters, a non-profit that operates in 12 cities in the United States, pairs motivated, ready to work individuals with open, entry level positions in the apartment industry. Every person hired saves local communities more than $36,000/year in social service expenses, contributes more than $7,000 in taxes and changes the trajectory of not only themselves, but for their spouse and dependents.
A picture containing textDescription automatically generated
A “Win-win” for candidates & sites with vacant positions
S2S has the goal to stop homelessness, particularly “situational homelessness”. They do it by educating, training, and helping place qualified candidates that may not have a permanent address or “home” to list on an application. Shelters to Shutters has teamed up with vendors, management companies and owners/operators, providing a connection to propel change when it comes to “situational homelessness”. The program has successfully transformed the lives of numerous individuals in need of employment and shelter nationwide. So how does it work?
The makeup of a Shelters to Shutters “Success Story”
Qualified candidates without a job or an address to put on an application are given the opportunity to fill a position with an on-site team in the multifamily industry
Candidates receive ongoing training and development and play an important part on their new team, with a new promising career in the apartment industry.
In addition to receiving a job, housing discounts are provided.
The candidate and hiring company both benefit andtransform hopeless situations into promising futures.


Why now?

Since 2007, the individuals and families experiencing homelessness has decreased by 12%, but those gains are expected to be completely wiped out by the pandemic, equating to more than 360,000 men, women and children living without the most basic of necessities, shelter.  In addition, with staggering unemployment and eviction moratoriums running out, Shelters to Shutters is facing a tsunami of people looking for a hand up, NOT a handout. Simply put, they need additional staff to accommodate the growing population who need both housing and employment.

Shelters to Shutters has a 93% success rate, and every dollar committed to the organization has the potential to provide a return of 6.76X.On  you can find many stories of hope and success, and if you are ready to be inspired, think about what we can do with your support.   The reason it’s crucial to support Shelters to Shutters in theirmission to end homelessness is their proven success, and the ongoing need in the industry for top talent.  We can all make an impact!

The event!

Shelters to Shutters “Stay Home for the Homeless” event is promoting social distancing by going virtual this year, and the event site is packed with quality and fun items. It’s easy to register and free for all to attend with a simple RSVP. Share the event with peers, family members, and anyone you cross paths with, because significant support is needed for Shelters to Shutters to make an impact on homelessness.

Shelters to Shutters “Stay Home for the Homeless” event will feature testimonies from some of the people positively impacted by Shelters to Shutters and their partners, and if you can’t please view more stories at





Click the links below to get registered & more!

Register for the event by clicking HERE!  

Preview Auction Items and Bid HERE

Learn about Volunteer Opportunities Here

Donate online HERE

Industry Trends

Now you see it, then you don't? 3G is vanishing. Are you prepared?

by Christin D. on 9/9/2020 11:22:00 AM

A person holding a signDescription automatically generatedIMPORTANT INFO ABOUT SECURITY AND FIRE ALARM MONITORING! 
Is your system at risk?
The FCC has recently announced that cellular companies are currently decommissioning 3G cellular networks to make room for the new 5G networks. This change will impact cell phones and other devices currently utilizing WIFI networks, which includes many pertinent systems in multifamily communities. Below we explore the potential impact that could occur at your properties if you aren't prepared in advance for these changes.
System Failure
The phase-out of 3G will disrupt standard systems, and postponing upgrades could even lead to deactivation of systems, with the negative impacts and severity ranging in magnitude. Examples commonly seen in multifamily communities include everything from access control, alarms, cameras, fire dispatch panels, fitness on-demand portals, sound systems, and others.
Life-safety is the most significant responsibility when it comes to ensuring continuity at multifamily communities. Threats to vital systems that are relied upon to send emergency dispatch when needed must be addressed with urgency. Do you know when your 3G will be deactivating? Many properties have cameras and fire panels on 3G, which is a critical area of concern. A fire alarm sounding without the ability to send emergency responders could be catastrophic, with irreversable results. Not a risk you likely want to take, but where do you begin?
Taking Action
Proactive steps to addresspotential negative consequences of  3G deactivation include some of the following:

1.     Identification of all on-site community systems that currently use wireless connectivity

2.     Determining what network each system currently uses and documenting for future reference

3.     Researching potential suppliers and service providers who have quality products available to replace any old 3G systems in place.

4.     Meeting with suppliers and reviewing community needs

5.     Obtaining supplier upgrade proposals

6.     Analyzing proposals for proper products, price, speed, bandwidth, system functionality, and required hardware replacements

7.     Ensuring vendors have project completion timelines that fit your needs

8.     Ensuring vendors meet insurance requirements you, and provide a proper Certificate of Insurance (COI).

9.     Reviewing and executing contracts. 

What if it could be easier?
Buyers Access (BA) supports property management owners and operators nationwide through a supplier network of over 50 industry-leading vendors, with unmatched and unlimited service and support at levels within the organization. One of those supplier partners is Pulsar Alarms, who is actively working with BA members managing their needs around the decommissioning of 3G Their process allows for owners and operators to leverage an industry leadying company and process as simply as follows:

1.     BA Member contacts their BA Account Manager expressing the need to know more

2.     A meeting between Pulsar and BA Member takes place to review any known needs

3.     Pulsar performs a system info audit, identifies potential solutionsand presents to BA Member with top options determined.

4.     Pricing is negotiated, contract is executed, and work begins!

Would you prefer to do it all yourself? Or, would you rather Partner with BAand Pulsar Alarms to do all the legwork, and put time back into your day, and money back into your properties.
Pulsar Alarms Product Solutions
If you are not currently a BA Member, click here to contact BA immediately, and to see how you can become a valued Member.
Pulsar Alarm Systems is offering "HALO" which is an extremely cost-effective 4G LTE Security upgrade solution. Here are some of the benefits upgrading to HALO, and utilizing Pulsar Alarm Systems:
  • Nationwide coverage – Allows for a simple "one company" uniform adoption across all  properties, and standardization of process. 
  • Wireless security systems equipped with the most up to date 4G LTE cellular communications. 
  • All HALO systems installed on-site are controllable via a mobile application
  • Includes up to 50 individual user alarm codes, auto-arming and disarming, Text or Email notifications, 24hr customer support, and more! 
Tele-install by Pulsar was developed in response to COVID-19, making installation in todays environment a breeze. Pulsar's DIT (Do It Together) Tele-install program delivers pre-programmed equipment providing for an easy "Plug-n-Play" HALO install, and  comes with all the tech help necesarry. There are also many other options available with Pulsar when it comes to upgrading to quality 4G LTE wireless for a fraction of the price.
Please don't wait until it becomes an EMERGENCY!!
Drop here!

Company News

Press Release: Buyers Access announces partnership with OneApp Guarantee

by Christin D. on 8/18/2020 10:58:00 AM

OneApp Guarantee Announces Partnership with Buyers Access

Atlanta, GA (August 18, 2020)  – OneApp Guarantee, a national leader in leasing risk mitigation, today announced it has partnered with Buyers Access, a leading provider of purchasing optimization services and customized purchasing solutions to the multifamily industry.
“We are excited to partner with OneApp Guarantee and to provide an opportunity for our customers to increase occupancy and NOI by offering a financial co-signing service to renters,” says Dan Haefner, CEO and President of Buyers Access.  “The service is free to owner/operator communities, and a guaranteed renter significantly increases the ability to improve leasing velocity while reducing exposure to bad debt, a win-win situation.”
“Our goal at OneApp is to reduce risk while increasing occupancy at the same time by guaranteeing property management companies up to three months of lost rent or potential damages if a renter is evicted or skipped during their lease term,” says Sharp Gillespy, Director of Business Development of OneApp Guarantee.  “Our results have earned us relationships with some of the largest, nationally recognized management companies.”
About OneApp Guarantee: OneApp Guarantee is a secure co-signer service which connects renters with property management companies and guarantees a mutually beneficial relationship free from the fear and worry of rental agreement default.
For more information visit or contact:
Sharp Gillespy, Director of Business Development
(678) 697-8245
About Buyers Access: Buyers Access (BA) is the United States’ leading provider of customized purchasing solutions, serving more than 800,000 housing units in the multifamily space.
For more information:  visit: or contact:
Dan Haefner, CEO


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Company News

"Prescriptive AI will change maintenance work" as seen in CREJ Property Management Quarterly 7.2020 edition

by Christin D. on 7/20/2020 6:01:00 PM


Drop here!

Company News

Press Release: Pulsar Alarms partners with Buyers Access

by Christin D. on 6/30/2020 2:57:47 PM

Pulsar Alarm Systems Announces Partnership with Buyers Access

PLAISTOW, NH (June 30, 2020) Pulsar Alarm Systems, a leading provider of Security and Fire Life Safety, today announced it has partnered with Buyers Access, a leading provider of purchasing optimization services and customized purchasing solutions to the multifamily industry.

 “We are excited to partner with Pulsar Alarm Systems, and to leverage their innovative one stop alarm solutions for our members,” says Dan Haefner, CEO and President of Buyers Access.  “Pulsar prides themselves in staying on the cutting edge of technological advances in the industry and will definitely be beneficial to both our customers and their residents.”
“Our goal at Pulsar is to provide property owners quality alarm services nationwide through one company,” said Brian Ireland, President and CEO of Pulsar Alarm Systems. “Our partnership with Buyers Access allows more property owners the convenience of centralized servicing for all their security and fire life safety needs. Our resident “DIY” Smart security option, HALO, provides a level of technological sophistication that today’s savvy renter is looking for and properties appreciate with no damage to units.”
About Pulsar Alarms:Established in 1974, Pulsar Alarm Systems has been widely recognized in the security and fire life safety industries across the nation. Gaining a title as an elite monitoring company among third-party managed and privately-owned apartment facilities, Pulsar Alarm Systems, made the decision to bring focus to the emerging market of “smart home security”. Upon this decision came the release of Pulsar’s newest and most innovative product — Pulsar HALO — our professional grade solution to the wireless world of smart home security.
Pulsar HALO is a leading commercial and residential smart security and automation platform. HALO is one of the only professional alarm systems with 24/7 UL redundant monitoring that can also be sold as a pre-programmed “DIY” system. Along with Cryptix encrypted security features and Wi-Fi camera options, it has a full complement of smart home capabilities, compatible with most Z-Wave home automation devices (door locks, thermostats, lights and more). Licensed throughout the United States, Pulsar HALO is the first “DIY” Smart Home Security Company created with the backing of a national alarm company.
For more information visit www.pulsaralarm.comor contact:
Jana Mallberg, Director of Multifamily Accounts 
About Buyers Access:Buyers Access (BA) is the United States’ leading provider of customized purchasing solutions, serving more than 700,000 housing units in the multifamily space.
For more information: visit: or contact:
Dan Haefner, CEO

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