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Why Your Building Should Tell a Story

by Michelle N. on 4/11/2017 3:59:00 PM

Marketing advice is rarely so singularly unhelpful as when it speaks in aspirational vagaries. In the property management world, “your building has to tell a story” is a common refrain. The thing is, this is actually good advice that is just packaged in an almost deliberately confusing way.

Let’s unpack it.

How can a building tell a story?

We aren’t talking Romeo & Juliette. The story that a building should tell is more like an elevator pitch. It should answer questions like, “what are the key advantages of the space?” or “what businesses is the building tailored to serve?” or even “what sort of employees would be happy working here?”

Having a strong story for your building can help prospective tenants to put the amenities and location of a building in context. This goes a long way toward helping themselves to imagine their business in the space and picture the relationship that they would have with the building. It may also help units in the building to command a higher price if prospective tenants place a premium on the features being highlighted.

For example, a building that is LEED-certified may appeal to tenants who understand the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system and place a value on it, but many will simply pass it by. However, by giving feature placement in your building’s marketing materials to several of the elements that are involved in LEED-certification and possibly making a few other small changes, a building can be marketed as a “green space.” Most renters have no problem understanding the merits of a green space and those that place a premium on these features may be willing to pay a premium for them.

The story that your building tells should be specific to its advantages and features, and as such, there are almost infinite stories a building could tell. Here are a few common stories that you may want to consider.

Read more here.


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Adding Value in the Age of Amenities Wars

by Michelle N. on 4/4/2017 7:09:00 PM

From helipads to breweries to concierge services that can just about read a resident’s mind, amenities have been a hot topic in the apartment industry for years, and the bar just keeps getting higher. For apartment owners and operators who have neither the capital nor even the demand for these over-the-top features, there are plenty of ways to increase their communities’ appeal through amenities, many of which are simple to implement and require little up-front investment. This report seeks to identify top amenities in their communities: nationwide and in 11 selected cities, at both the community and unit level, and which ones have the greatest impact on revenue. An analysis of major renovations and their effect on rent and occupancies is also included.

This NAA Research study included 43 unique amenities, added or upgraded from January 2014 to September 2016. The universe of survey responses totaled more than 100,000 units in 35 states.

At the property level, half of the top 10 amenities added or upgraded since 2014 involve bringing people together — the community aspect of apartment living that is a draw to so many apartment residents. Clubhouses and common areas for socializing made the top five, with swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and play areas also proving popular.

Fitness centers remain a must-have in any community. Other amenities related to health and wellness such as bike storage, walking/jogging paths and fitness classes did not make the top 10, but were still fairly prevalent among the survey respondents. Despite the importance of community-wide Wi-Fi to many residents, business centers still outweigh it in terms of what owners are offering. Pet-friendly amenities rounded out the top five and ranged from pet-washing stations to off-leash dog parks.

Source: Paula Munger, Director of Research -

Read full report here

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Upcoming Trade Show Calendar

by Michelle N. on 3/30/2017 10:59:00 PM

PAA Education Conference & Trade Show
Valley Forge Casino Resort
April 5

CAA TSEC (Trade Show & Education Conference)
Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace
April 11

VAMA State Conference
Hilton Norfolk The Main
April 19-21

IAHMA Biennial Training & Certification Conference
Boise Centre East
April 24, 25 & 26

TAA Education Conference & Lone Star Expo
Fort Worth Convention Center
April 26-29

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Buyers Access Appoints New President and CEO

by Michelle N. on 3/7/2017 2:48:00 PM

Denver, CO, March 7, 2017 - Buyers Access announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Dan Haefner as new President and Chief Executive Officer effective March 20, 2017. In his role as President and CEO, Haefner brings more than 35 years of experience in full service multifamily real estate, primarily focused on property management, asset management, construction management and acquisitions and development. He has demonstrated success in leading financial and operational improvement, human capital/team development and technological enhancements within high value real estate services organizations. Dan has been directly responsible for managing assets in excess of $3 billion, and numerous divisions within companies in the multifamily and single family real estate industries. 

"We are excited and extremely pleased to have an individual with Dan's leadership capabilities and history join our organization as the new President and CEO of Buyers Access," said Rick Jones Board Director, Buyers Access."His reputation within the industry is strong and he possesses the leadership qualities we have been searching for, thereby adding a new dimension to complement and lead the existing management team within Buyers Access to new levels."

"Dan brings a vast amount of industry wide property management experience with a deep range of varying levels of participation, qualities of which we have been looking for to support the continued growth and success of our members and suppliers," said Pete Roden VP Operations, Buyers Access.

"I'm excited to be starting a new chapter within Buyers Access, and the opportunity to work with everyone further developing the well-established platform and service offerings," said Dan Haefner President and CEO, Buyers Access. "I'm extremely fortunate to join such a well-respected company and team that take great pride in quality and customer service."

Dan holds a BA in Business Management with Honors from St. Mary's College in Moraga, California, and his specialties include being a previous b­oard member of the National Multi Housing Council, Atlanta Apartment Association, Georgia Apartment Association, Georgia Apartment Industry Educational Fund, Rent Bureau, and Community Life Concepts non-profit organization.

About Buyers Access

Buyers Access is the nation's leading Purchasing and Cost Control specialist for the multifamily housing industry. We take an active role as your business partner, and provide full service solutions to help your business maximize the value of your real estate. Since 1986, Buyers Access has helped thousands of properties reduce their operating costs and become more efficient. Through the use of our operational expertise, these properties have added millions of dollars to their real estate value. For more information, contact Buyers Access at or call 1.800.445.9169

Media Contact:

Michelle Niemeyer
Director of Marketing
Office: 253.517.5540


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Check Out Our Photos From the 2017 BEC!

by Michelle N. on 2/28/2017 7:06:00 PM


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Ready to Prepare Your Pool for the Season?

by Michelle N. on 2/20/2017 8:24:00 PM


Warmer days are around the corner so make sure you are ready to prepare your pool for the summer. Test your equipment, check safety features, and have sparkling clean water ready for the first splash of the summer season. Before opening the pool for swimming, follow these 12 simple steps below:

1) Remove, clean, and store the pool cover

2) Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool

3) Add water to the desired height at the prescribed rate of 1” (25mm) per hour

4) Test water balance, pH, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and total alkalinity levels

5) Inspect electrical service, filters, skimmers, drains, ladders, diving boards, plugs, gauges, and other important components of the system

6) Lubricate fittings, valves, o-rings, and plugs

7) Inspect tile and grout installations

8) Clean and inspect pool deck

9) Skim pool water surface and vacuum pool bottom

10) Backwash filter, if necessary

11) Shock pool water to breakpoint levels

12) Add algaecide, as required


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Buyers Access December Holiday Office Hours

by Michelle N. on 12/6/2016 6:23:00 PM

Friday, December 23, 2016 office closed at 2PM MT 

Monday, December 26, 2016 office closed

Friday, December 30, 2017  office closed at 3PM MT

Monday, January 2, 2017 office closed

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Buyers Access Thanksgiving Office Hours

by Michelle N. on 11/21/2016 3:55:09 PM

Buyers Access Thanksgiving Office Hours:

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd - Closing early at 3PM

Thursday, Nov. 24th - Closed (Company recognized holiday)

Friday, Nov. 25th - Closed (Company recognized holiday)

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Happy Thanksgiving to All!

by Michelle N. on 11/16/2016 10:54:00 AM

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to our valued members and supplier partners. Our customers never fail to energize and inspire us. Thank you for your business, your unwavering confidence, and your commitment to our partnership. We couldn't have done this without you!

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Different Types of Ice Melt for Your Property

by Michelle N. on 11/15/2016 12:23:00 PM

What is Ice Melt?

Ice melt, as the name suggests, is any product used to melt ice—available in various formats including granules, pellets, powder, flakes, or liquid. When ice melt product is applied, it creates a chemical reaction that lowers the freezing point and liquefies, or melts, the ice. The type of chemical in your ice melt product determines the ability, rate, and temperature which melting occurs.

Types of Ice Melt

Typically ice melt granules are the most effective; they are less likely to blow away in windy conditions and they penetrate deeper than powder or flakes. Ice melt products can be pure concentrations or blends of fast-acting chemicals such as:

• Sodium chloride (rock salt)
• Magnesium chloride
• Calcium chloride
• Potassium chloride

If you are interested in how your property can benefit from ice melt products and more, reach out to our team today.

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